Consulting Conversations: What a Consultant Brings to the Table

Author:Hank Harris
Publish Date: Sep 01, 2021 05:35 PM EDT

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What other resources will a consultant bring to bear on my issue?

Hank Harris, Director of Consulting, addresses this question in the latest Consulting Conversations installment. Watch it now!

I think that depends on the nature of the assignment, but typically consultants probably one of the biggest resources they're going to bring to bear is the fact that they are themselves are objective to the business private business.

There really aren't that many parties that are totally objective about it, including some of the routine service providers to the business, but a consultant comes in fresh, a separate pair of eyes if you will.

And then I think depending on the nature of the consultant in the assignment, there may be some data that they have access to that maybe is helpful to benchmark what your business is doing against like-kind businesses, and certainly, their experience in looking at like-kind businesses may be relevant to that as well.

I would love to hear from any private business hunt owner in North Carolina that thinks we could be of some help to them in understanding how their business gets better or where it might go in the future.




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