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Human Resources

We are your trusted HR partner 

For businesses without a dedicated Human Resources Director, or if your HR team just needs additional support, our fractional HR team can add valued by:

  • Auditing your internal employment processes and documents to ensure compliance with best practices
  • Developing additional processes, checklists, and forms for routine HR activities
  • Performing applicant interviews and provide hiring recommendations
  • Conducting employee onboarding and orientation
  • Training your new hires on already-existing policies and procedures, and educate all employees when new company policies and procedures are debuted
  • Assisting you with employee discipline matters and exit interviews
  • Serving as a backstop for HR staff during a leave of absence
  • Providing your frontline employees and supervisors with sexual harassment and anti-discrimination training tailored to your business and industry
  • Providing your workforce with diversity and inclusion training
  • Educating your management team or workforce on the benefits of diversity and inclusion
  • Responding to whatever other HR needs you have but lack the time, resources, or staff to meet effectively.  We tailor our HR service packages to your needs. No job is too big or too small.

Customizable HR Forms and Policies from Ward and Smith Business Consulting will:

  • Allow you to update your internal employment policies and forms as your business and workforce grows
  • Everything policy-wise that you need; nothing that you don't

Fractional HR Services from Ward and Smith Business Consulting will:

  • Assist you with applicant interviews and recommendations
  • Assist you with employee on-boarding and orientation
  • Assist you with employee discipline matters and exit interviews

Strategic Planning

We can help keep your company on the right path

We help you define, refine, and pursue your key strategic goals by:

  • Identifying, benchmarking, and validating your competitive strengths and weaknesses
  • Researching your markets, customers, and competitors to help you confront market issues and capitalize on opportunities
  • Developing a well thought out strategic plan to guide the growth and direction of your business
  • Providing outside project management and coaching to assist in the plan’s implementation

Succession Planning

Tailor-made plans to help protect and secure your company's future

Helping you successfully transition your business to the next generation by:

  • Developing a clear set of goals for the current owner's transition.
  • Evaluating succession candidate for future ownership and management.
  • Establishing clear goals for the next generation.
  • Evaluating ownership transition attention and assist in selecting the best methodology for the business' situation.
  • Developing a written transition plan that describes how the ownership of the business and the management of the business will transition over time.
  • Providing outside management for the implementation process, working with owners, key advisors, and periodically updating the plan.

Organizational Development

Take your business to the next level of growth and scalability

We help companies become operationally effective. We can:

  • Evaluate and enhance the functioning of your executive and management teams.
  • Re-structure your organization to most effectively execute growth.
  • Implement business process improvement programs.
  • Coach individual executives to improve their effectiveness as managers and leaders.

Strategic Communications

Helping you communicate effectively in a crisis

In times of crisis, you need an experienced voice to help. We can:

  • Define the best and most likely outcomes.
  • Create a social media action plan.
  • Provide help to execute the desired plan.
  • Help your team control the narrative around the triggering event.
  • Work with relevant influencers and journalists to tell your story.
  • Generate talking points and public statements for owners and managers.


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