About Ward and Smith Business Consulting

Why we're here

Ward and Smith Business Consulting, LLC was borne out of a desire to provide value-added business services to closely-held business owners in North Carolina. Our parent firm, the law firm of Ward and Smith, P.A. has served as a trusted legal advisor to clients for nearly 50 years. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the law firm, we don't provide any legal services; that's what the law firm does. We work with clients to help implement some of the strategies and action items attorneys routinely recommend, but clients often don’t get done due to:

  • Lack of Staff: For example, our consultants can conduct harassment and anti-discrimination training for your employees.
  • Organizational Change or Conflict: Our consultants work with you, for example, when it is time for the owner to transition the business to the next generation.
  • Lack of Experience: Some things just don't happen that frequently, so in-house resources are generally few. 
  • Tasks Fall Outside of Normal Operations: We can write and send a press release announcing new ownership of a business, or act as a scalable screening service for a particular set of new hires.

Our consultants are here to help you with timely, practical, and hands-on experience.

Grow Great

We are inspired by the first stanza of North Carolina's State Toast:

  • Here's to the land of the long leaf pine,
  • The summer land where the sun doth shine,
  • Where the weak grow strong and the strong grow great,
  • Here's to "Down Home," the Old North State!

Our consultants help all of our clients grow great.


Hank Harris

Hank Harris

Director of Consulting

Laura Hudson

Laura Hudson

Director of Communication

William Martin

William Martin

Business Development Specialist

Will Oden

Will Oden


Our Services

Human Resources

We can assist with everything from templates and forms to training to providing a fractional HR Director. 

Strategic Planning

We help companies with internal assessments, external market research, facilitating planning committees and retreats, and implementation.

Succession Planning

We help companies secure their futures with tailor-made plans and setting clear goals for a successful transition.

Marketing, Business Development, & PR

We help companies facing a social media crisis, a public client issue, or a personnel concern design a comprehensive communications strategy.

Organizational Development

We work with businesses to examine the underlying structures and systems, and make recommendations to maximize desired operational outcomes.


Location Address:

Ward and Smith Business Consulting, LLC127 Racine DriveWilmington, NC 28403

Other Locations:

Asheville, Greenville, Raleigh, New Bern

Mailing address:

Post Office Box 7068Wilmington, NC 28406-7068

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Phone No: 252.672.4853

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