Consulting Conversations: A Code of Ethics in Consulting

Author:Hank Harris
Publish Date: Sep 27, 2021 03:05 PM EDT

Crossroad two ways

Is there a code of ethics in consulting?

Director of Consulting Hank Harris answers the question in this installment of Consulting Conversations.

There have been a couple of associations that have put out um codes methods for consulting. One of them was called the Association for Management Consulting Firms, which actually is no longer active. It was oriented toward big firms and small firms, and they had trouble sustaining the organization because it was so much difference between the sizes. But they did have a published code.

There's another organization called the institute of management consultants, and I think that they have put out some publications on the ethical conduct of consultants as well. That said, consulting is not a highly regulated industry. It's very, very fragmented and not nearly as structured as other professions that most people are familiar with; so, even though there are codes published by these associations, whether or not they're followed by individual consultants is something that is unregulated issue.

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