My Business and My Children – Equal or Equitable Treatment?

Author:Hank Harris

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When the time comes to start thinking about the next generation of ownership and management, the children of the founder are often a natural prospect for both. However, most parents with more than one child marvel at how different they can all turn out! All were raised in the same home and in the...
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Consulting Conversations: Company Culture vs the Market's Culture

Author:Hank Harris

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In this installment of Consulting Conversations, Hank Harris shares his insights. Who's going to win: the company with the wrong culture for the market or the market? It's an old saying that in a fight between you and the world, you should put your bet on the world. The market will win that fight...
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Consulting Conversations: The Value of a Consultant to the Company's Board

Author:Hank Harris

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In this next installment of Consulting Conversation, Hank Harris shares a few pointers. Board members -- and I sit on six boards myself, so I've got a lot of board experience -- and the one thing that's, I guess, a challenge about being a board member is you're not really there day-to-day. You co...
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Consulting Conversations: Sales and Business Development Training Tips

Author:Hank Harris

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Hank Harris shares some tips in the Consulting Conversations installment.The three things that come to mind on that-- by far the first thing that I think is the most important -- is that this sales process is well managed. If it's well managed, training will organically occur in the management pr...
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How Much Is Enough?

Author:Hank Harris

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Life is good. I have my own business, and it affords me a nice lifestyle, nice home, cars, vacations, clubs, and great schools for the kids. Living the dream, and yes, business is good.Or is it? How good should business be – or how much is enough? While every business is unique, there are common ...
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