Consulting Conversations: Maintaining Company Culture

Author:Hank Harris

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In this next installment of Consulting Conversations, Hank Harris shares a few pointers. I think the answer to both of those questions is somewhat similar. I think if you step back and think, 'what is a culture?' A culture is essentially shared behavior in an organization. One of the most importa...
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Consulting Conversations: SWOT Analysis in Business Succession

Author:Hank Harris

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In this installment of Consulting Conversations, Hank Harris breakdown what you should know. Well, taking that backward, nobody needs one. The question is should you have one. The SWOT analysis is a forerunner of strategic planning. It's an acronym that sums up the first piece or first phase of y...
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Consulting Conversations: Common Closely-held Business Issues

Author:Hank Harris

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Find out in the latest installment of Consulting Conversations from our Director of Consulting Hank Harris. Watch it now!I would say that that a big challenge in any closely held business is that we get close to our problems. And, it can be really, really hard sometimes to look at your business o...
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