Consulting Conversations: Common Closely-held Business Issues

Author:Hank Harris

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Find out in the latest installment of Consulting Conversations from our Director of Consulting Hank Harris. Watch it now!I would say that that a big challenge in any closely held business is that we get close to our problems. And, it can be really, really hard sometimes to look at your business objectively and to actually look at the problems objectively. I think it could be --as the old saying: it's lonely at the top. Sometimes if you're the single owner of a privately held business you don't have necessarily the same access to resources to sounding boards to outside information that say a public CEO would have.I think the other thing that can be challenging for a closely held company is that partner relationship. And, if you have family in the business that introduces a whole other potential avenue of challenge, but all those personal relationships sometimes it can get to crossroads can get to things that are difficult for the parties to work out, and sometimes consultants can be ...
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