Consulting Conversations: Maintaining Company Culture

Author:Hank Harris

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In this next installment of Consulting Conversations, Hank Harris shares a few pointers. I think the answer to both of those questions is somewhat similar. I think if you step back and think, 'what is a culture?' A culture is essentially shared behavior in an organization. One of the most importa...
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Consulting Conversations: Leadership Development in Business Succession

Author:Hank Harris

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In this Consulting Conversations episode, Hank Harris answers:I think that a couple of things I've seen work well in leadership development in a family business: is I think that if you're bringing family into the business, it is much healthier if those family members work somewhere else and are r...
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Economics 201- Get Ready Now For the Next Down Cycle

Author:Hank Harris

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Most of those cycles occur "organically" meaning they are a function of basic economic factors (supply, demand, pricing, etc.), as well as mass human psychological reactions to those factors. For example, out of the five recessions I have lived through thus far, the first four were caused, respec...
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