Succession – Not the TV Series!

Author: Hank Harris

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Management consultants tend to labor in obscurity. Having been one for over 35 years, that always suited me just fine. Our issues, after all, focus exclusively on the business world and are typically not much engaged by "pop culture." So, it has been a real kick to see one of the issues I have dealt with my entire career – management succession – suddenly elevated to the theme of a popular television series. The show "Succession" features a fictional mogul facing his older years and his younger offspring, family, and employees striving to fill his shoes. Everyone schemes and behaves poorly and it all really makes for great entertainment. The fact that a routine business issue finds itself current television highlights what a big deal this issue is right now in the market. Largely this is a function of simple demographics. There is a massive number of baby boomers with private business interests who now find themselves on the "back 9" of the game of life. Despite all this newfound at...
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