Consulting Conversations: Outgrowing an Employee

Author:Hank Harris

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Director of Consulting Hank Harris explains in this latest edition of Consulting Conversations.If you have a growing business, you should expect that's going to happen. The classic example is somebody who starts a small business; they have a bookkeeper. Ten to 15 years later, they have a very suc...
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Consulting Conversations: Common Closely-held Business Issues

Author:Hank Harris

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Find out in the latest installment of Consulting Conversations from our Director of Consulting Hank Harris. Watch it now!I would say that that a big challenge in any closely held business is that we get close to our problems. And, it can be really, really hard sometimes to look at your business o...
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Consulting Conversations: Updating a Strategic Plan

Author:Hank Harris

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Director of Consulting Hank Harris explains in this latest edition of Consulting Conversations.I would say, normally, the answer to that is quarterly. You could make the argument that you don't want the strategic plan to exist in a parallel universe to running your business, so you want to try to...
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Consulting Conversations: Selling a Company vs ESOP

Author:Hank Harris

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Director of Consulting, Hank Harris answers the question in this episode of Consulting Conversations. Watch it now!Selling to an outside party versus doing an ESOP: First of all, ESOPs are not for every company. There are only some companies for whom that would make sense for. The same thing coul...
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Media Mention: Business Adaptability During COVID-19

Author:Hank Harris

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The Wilmington Business Journal recently asked corporate and securities attorney Ken Bart and Director of Consulting for Ward and Smith Business Consulting, Hank Harris, how businesses can strategize for a post-pandemic environment. Their comments appeared in the latest "Insightful Discussion."CO...
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