January 28 Webinar: Planning, Choosing, and Assembling - A Tale of Business Succession

Author:Hank Harris

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Hank Harris, Director of Consulting, along with Ward and Smith attorneys Merrill Jones, Matt Thompson, and Hayley Wells will talk through many real-life issues that business owners face during the planning, choosing, and assembling phases of a business succession plan. Moderator Steve Stephenson ...
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How To Maintain A Positive Company Culture During COVID

Author:Will Oden

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Culture eats strategy for breakfast, or so we've been told by Mr. Drucker and others. Coincidentally, I wholeheartedly agree. So, how does leadership maintain, let alone improve, its company culture in the face of the first pandemic of its size in the last one hundred-plus years?Of course, it wil...
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Media Mention: Business Adaptability During COVID-19

Author:Hank Harris

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The Wilmington Business Journal recently asked corporate and securities attorney Ken Bart and Director of Consulting for Ward and Smith Business Consulting, Hank Harris, how businesses can strategize for a post-pandemic environment. Their comments appeared in the latest "Insightful Discussion."CO...
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Succession – Not the TV Series!

Author:Hank Harris

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Management consultants tend to labor in obscurity. Having been one for over 35 years, that always suited me just fine. Our issues, after all, focus exclusively on the business world and are typically not much engaged by "pop culture." So, it has been a real kick to see one of the issues I have de...
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Will Oden and Hank Harris Appear on the "Objection to the Form" Podcast

Author:Brian Broderick

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It's a podcast, hosted by Justin Humphries of The Humphries Law Firm in Wilmington, covering a wide range of topics. In this episode, you can learn more about Ward and Smith Business Consulting and how it can help businesses with strategic planning, human resources, and organizational development...
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An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure

Author:Will Oden

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Is your interview process identifying the best candidate, or are you just filling seats and hoping for the best? For many small-business owners, the hiring process is complicated, stressful, and exhausting. You make countless important decisions every day, but no decision has the potential to imp...
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Strategic Planning in Privately Held Business

Author:Hank Harris

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Having spent most of my life consulting to privately held businesses, strategy development and planning has always been important to me in trying to help and engage a business. When I later became a CEO myself, it was also a process that I applied to my own organization and tried to extract as mu...
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Passing The Bucks

Author:Hank Harris

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Company founders and successors often dedicate their lives to building their businesses. Having poured so much of their energies into developing a growing concern, you would think that virtually all owners of privately held businesses would have a detailed plan in place to provide for a continuit...
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