Consulting Conversations: The Resources a Consultant will Need

Author:Hank Harris

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Hank Harris, Director of Consulting, answers the question in another episode of Consulting Conversations. Watch it now!It really depends obviously on what you have the consultant doing, so let's assume that you're trying to have the consultant do something that involves gaining a fairly deep unde...
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Consulting Conversations: What a Consultant Brings to the Table

Author:Hank Harris

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Hank Harris, Director of Consulting, addresses this question in the latest Consulting Conversations installment. Watch it now!I think that depends on the nature of the assignment, but typically consultants probably one of the biggest resources they're going to bring to bear is the fact that they ...
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Consulting Conversations: The Time frame of a Project

Author:Hank Harris

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Get the answer in the next episode of Consulting Conversations from our Director of Consulting Hank Harris. Watch it now!Well, I think the uh the average project is probably a matter of months, and you can typically think of three stages to a project.So, the first stage is going to be some form o...
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